The Overtones Trio -Mike, Dave and Eron worked together in various unconnected musical projects over the past several years both in substitute and rehearsal situations. In the spring of '08, the opportunity arose for Dave to join Mike and Eron on the mid-week gig at the Riverview Wine Bar upon the sudden exit of their former guitar player.  The band soon settled comfortably into a low-key ongoing weekly schedule and now keeps busy playing private events. Nowadays, performance of jazz is typically characterized by lots of soloing and improvisation. The Overtones recognize that when taken to extremes, these enjoyable aspects of music can sometimes tax the listeners attention. Not wanting to become just another "jam" group, the trio soon dubbed it's Wednesday night residence a "gig-hearsal" - and set about giving a bit more attention to the actual performance of this special music.   As a result, the band's modus operandi has been to craft unique arrangements entirely on stage, in the course of an evening's set of tunes. Blending new styles, time signatures, and even the occasional classic rock riff -  the Overtones have developed a style all their own. In addition to a long, ever expanding list of standard material, the three members have contributed some of their own music, creating a healthy batch of over thirty completely original compositions.  Five years later, all this has led to a fresh, ear-pleasing presentation suitable for any occasion.